Bed Bug Treatments for Your Home and the Body

Bed bugs are wingless, bloodsucking bugs that are sensitive to heat. They are found just about everywhere, including the great state of Texas. A bed bug initially starts its life as a tiny egg around the size of a poppy seed. From there, it feeds on blood and grows into the nymph or juvenile stage bug. It will then develop into a brown or red adult bed bug. This type of parasite can roughly live up to 20 months. It can also go with no blood meal for less than two years. It’s possible for a female bed bug to lay more than 500 eggs in one life cycle. In a normal temperature, these little eggs hatch in ten days.

Bed bug bites typically come with several attacks. The bites generally manifest on the arms and legs. Sometimes they also appear on the neck area and torso. Bed bugs have a tendency to assemble together in concealed, undisturbed areas where you sit or sleep. Once you discover an infestation, a complete treatment is necessary.

How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Unlike ticks, bed bugs don’t live in your skin. They bite or feed on the skin then go back to their hiding place, and then go back to feed again. Even though bed bugs don’t live in the skin, their bites can develop into an infection or cause itchiness. Treat the bug bites to prevent the wounds from getting infected and less itchy. You can do this by showering with warm or hot water. Rubbing an exfoliating body cleanser on the body helps, too. You can also apply anti-itch ointment on the bites. Make a note of any white or red welts on your body as they require a prescription cream from the doctor.

How to Clear Your Home of Bed Bugs

Prevent the necessity to apply several pest treatments by exterminating all the bed bugs the first time around. The best way to do this is to look for a professional bug exterminator to do the bulk of the work for you. Before hiring a pro, prepare the infected area to make the exterminator’s work more potent and effective. You can do this by tidying up the infested area and removing any clutter in the room. This makes the inspection easier. Here’s how you can clean the bed and other infested areas.

  • Prop up the mattress and, if possible, take the bed apart. These parasites often conceal themselves in bed frames.
  • Remove all beddings and isolate them in large bags until they are properly washed.
  • Vacuum the areas where there is evidence of habitation. Discard the vacuum cleaner bags shortly after vacuuming. This is to prevent transferring the bugs to other areas of the house.

Where to Hire a Bug Exterminator

If you’re living in the Lone Star state, contact Life After Bugs to solve your bed bug troubles. Our company is a family business providing complete and licensed pest control services. Each exterminator from Life After Bugs is extensively trained by an entomologist that specializes in bed bugs. Contact us via phone or email to get a free estimate and quality treatment against pests.

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